Chart Marketing, Inc. (CMI) was founded in 1986 as a full-service, advertising agency, marketing firm and publishing company. Charlie Traffas, its founder and CEO, has more than 40 years of media, marketing and publishing experience, as an owner, co-owner and/or operator of many different kinds of media. CMI’’s staff includes a diversified based of account executives, graphics and design personnel and administration and support people with more than 100 years of combined experience. It is a rare occurrence for CMI to find a product, service or concept that has not been previously marketed by some or all of the staff.

The Chart Theatre Network (CTN), one of several divisions of CMI, was “born” out of the need to do something different than what was being done at movie theatres across the country, prior to the beginning of the movie or movie previews. Until the CTN, if there was anything being done to entertain movie patrons prior to the beginning of the movie or movie previews, it was an endless loop CD/DVD of business cards over music backgrounds, or a series of commercials only. Our observance of movie patrons continuing to talk and visit as these were airing told us…there had to be something better.

There are millions of dollars spent on the production of a movie. While we know we can never match the movie in the quality of production, we CAN match or beat them in evoking, invoking or provoking an emotion. The movie is the major act. We understand our role as being the “warm up band.” In a very short period of time, we need to make them laugh…make them gasp…scare them…or in some way, “warm them up” for the major presentation…the movie.
To do that, we first got rid of the business cards over music backgrounds. They are much too passive and “vanilla.” We use produced commercials only, the very same ones our advertisers run on network and cable TV. If they are not moving, compelling and what one might call “action-packed” spots…we rebuild them. Secondly, we showcase these “selling messages” inside of content designed to tug at an emotion.

We use clips people send us, ones we build and ones we harvest from the Internet from a wide variety of places. We produce a new, fresh program each day. Each program features a News segment (clips), a Sport segment (clips), and a Community, Events and Information segment. This last segment contains current information about the community in which the theatres are located, the schools, sports and upcoming events.

Our program is exactly 15 minutes long, which according to CSM Research, one of the industry’s foremost sources of information on movie patrons, is approximately the average time a moviegoer is in his/her seat prior to the start of the movie or movie previews. When our program ends, a few seconds later the movie or movie previews begin.

The CTN is a win, win, win deal for the moviegoer, the theatre owner and the advertiser. And like most good things…if all of these parties can win, CTN wins too.





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